FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Why Is Stuffle from Italy?
Stuffle is a product of Stuffle GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. The domain, “.it” works for the theme; instead of just selling something, you can just stuffle it.
How long has Stuffle been around?
Stuffle was started in May 2012 so, its quite new even in Internet years. Therefore, the offering isn’t huge but as our users grow, the number of things on Stuffle grow.
Everything is really for free?
Stuffle is young and relatively least for now ;) Our goal is to have as many people experience and use Stuffle as possible and free is a barrier that most of you can cross. When we have a large enough user group, we would love to earn our bread-and-butter with Stuffle but we have a while until that happens. So have fun using the totally free version of Stuffle!
What does Stuffle mean?
Stuffle is a combination of the words stuff and sale. That´s exactly what we do.
What can I sell on Stuffle?
You can pretty much sell everything you would at a flea-market or garage sale with the exception of live animals. Run with your imagination and explore the attic, the cellar and the places where you put things that are no longer being used to find the things you would like to sell to others.
What can I not sell on Stuffle?
Live animals, explosives, medicine, weapons, chemicals and anything that goes against the laws that one needs to sell those kinds of things. Anything of that nature will be removed right away.
How does Stuffle work?
Stuffle is just like a flea-market or garage sale, but instead of a physical market it’s on the iPhone. A product offer takes around two minutes: shoot a photo, create a title with description and set the price. The advantage of digital is the ability to communicate your offer in several different places such as Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or via text message.

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